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By Leith Jensen.

The Topic of ghosts, spirits, and entities is a divisive one, and not one I had ever intended exploring.

However, this life had other plans for me, so here we are.

From a young age I could see and feel energetic presences,

To me they fall into 3 categories;

-Human spirits 

-Entity beings - nonhuman disembodied beings 

-Thought forms - A belief or repetitive thought for that has created its own field of influence. 


Mostly I just took their presence as a part of life. I realised early on that most other people couldn't detect them, so I didn't mention them unless there was a specific need to, and generally just ignored them.

However, as I began to work in the world of healing, I quickly noticed that there were quite a few problematic energies "hanging around" in places where energetic healing work was being performed.

What I saw felt like an energetic swap meet, where one client would release an energetic attachment only to have it hang around and subsequently walk out on someone else who's needs/ issues aligned with their own.  

Each entity has their own intentions and agenda.

Even the angels people so freely "call in" during meditations and activations have an agenda.

And once they (or a fragment of them) are entrapped in a person's field, their need to run that agenda can and will become contrary to the human hosts highest potential. 

Often this shows as repetitive cycles in someone's life. Where the same issue appears across different aspects and times of their life.

The entity needs to be needed, because without a physical body themselves, they have nothing to tether them to time and space, which makes for a very confusing dimension indeed.

So whatever issue the host called them in to help with, may well resolve, but the entity will need to cause the underlying theme of that issue to be recreated in another form, in order to fulfil its agenda. 

When I was first in the spiritual world these things had a love/ hate relationship with me. 

They knew I was aware of them, but they also knew I did not have the information available to me to do anything to stop them playing with humans. So, they played silly and sometimes terrifying games with me.

Ultimately, that was what drove me to look into entity removal.

And during this process I came to understand that they were just as stuck and unhappy as their human host.


My clearing process now involves creating an understanding and grounded space for these beings to regain their sane perspective, and from there to move on with their evolutionary cycle, leaving the human host with highest potential understanding of the solution to their original need, and empowerment to move into their future unencumbered.


Energetic presence seems to me to be a part of life, and dealing with their effects with loving understanding seems to be yielding the best results.

A further note:

While I am more than happy to help release an entity that is stuck within someone's field, home or object, I do not go "entity hunting". If they are not interfering in a matrix I am being asked to work with, I leave them alone. The universe in all its interconnected wisdom has allowed them access to this dimension, and there must be a higher purpose to that access. 

Fear and reactivity only serves those who wish to entrap us. 

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