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Awaken your higher self connection.

Welcome to a portal for rediscovery of the real you, the universally guided spirit you were born to be.


Intuitive mentoring is powerful yet gentle personalised guidance into releasing those things that no longer resonate, and a path to activating your highest potential.

The modern world is full of things designed to distract us from our true essence.

Chances are that if you've found your way to this site, those distractions just aren't holding much interest for you any longer.

Or maybe this disconnection is showing up for you as anxiety, apathy, illness or depression?

Our unique spirits communicate with us all differently. 

But one thing stays constant, if its first quiet messages to us get ignored, the messages will continue to get louder and louder, often using our body and mind to display its dis-ease at being disconnected from the channel it was meant to embody.

Recalibrate and Align



Our true potential is almost limitless, and often the only thing holding us back from achieving it are the stories we tell ourselves and the subconscious beliefs we allow to control us from under the surface of our awareness.

Clearing the channel to universal consciousness, Freeing ourselves from the programming of our ancestors, and embracing our true nature as creator beings can allow us to manifest a life beyond our wildest dreams.

A life where material success is simply an added bonus, a life where every breathe feels filled with purpose and our interactions with others feel guided and mutually beneficial.

Stop Reacting

Our body is run by autonomic systems that have been the base code for human behaviours since our ancestors were living in caves, and literally fighting lions and tigers and bears for their very lives.

These threat response systems work wonderfully if we are in actual survival threatening situations.

But things come unravelled for many of us when the same system that would have kept us safe from an approaching predator, is activated when the photocopier breaks down right before a big project, or someone cuts us off in traffic.

Reconnxtions and Timeline recalibration therapy can help to realign our subconsciously programmed systems to be more useful in the modern world.

Moving us away from our old sense of being "prey" to an overwhelming onslaught of seemingly endless threats and challenges , into being the creator of our lives. Easily able to navigate the world with an almost GPS like quality to our subconscious interactions.


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Your Highest Potential.


Every one of us has a unique connection to the universe and all the information it holds.

However many of the teachings of the industrialised world take us away from that powerful channel of connection, leaving us feeling isolated, powerless, and anxious.

Timeline recalibration allows us to gently move though the Monadgiving us access to our timeline on many levels, lifetimes and dimensions.

We use this portal to re-understand and recalibrate the misinformation, misunderstanding and limiting beliefs that have kept us small and fearful through generations.




What is it that truly lights you up?

Is there a niggling feeling that you were meant to do more in this world, be more in this world?

Do you look arounds and see things you'd love to change but feel powerless to do anything?

In the immortal words of Tracey Chapman

" The revolution sounds like a whisper" 

Become part of the empowerment revolution.


Empowering yourself, and living to your full potential changes the world!

Every person who sees your evolution is given a glimpse of what is possible for them. And if we can get enough of those sparks of possibility out there.....who knows what the world could look like.

Intuitive mentoring can guide you through the process of becoming all you dreamt of and more.


Welcome to your portal back to YOU!


Don't let her youthful looks fool you, this lady is an old soul with an amazing gift.

She helped me clear blocks that I just could not see. And my life is better for it.


Lisa J



I was feeling very lost after a terrible experience with a local

"5D healer". 

Friends of mine raved about Leith, so I finally bit the Bullet and I haven’t look back. She’s helped heal many experiences from genetic history, to child hood traumas and taught me how to gain back my power I now live clearly and authentically. If your feeling lost, Leith is your go to






I originally came to see Leith because I knew there was something more I needed to turn my attention to. I had an inner knowing I needed to be working in the spiritual realm, but didn’t know how to access any of it. After a session with Leith she cleared a past life that was holding me back in trusting others and stopping me from moving forward with my gift. Before I saw Leith I was awake at night with many spirits around, not knowing who and what they wanted. Leith cleared all this and taught me the art of intentionalising my field , I now sleep peacefully and when I’m ready messages are accessible easy and freely.

Thanks Leith!





Leith is extremely gifted and connected, she does everything out of love to help heal others and guide them back on their paths. She has continued to help me with physical ailments, emotional issues that arise and energy healing. I have learnt so much from her and believe in her work and abilities, I also love the fact she teaches others to identify and heal these within. She is a pure soul and mentor, and I could listen to her talk all day



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