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Timeline recalibration is a form of waking hypnotic conversation*.

The universal consciousness channel, is used to guide timeline recalibration as part of an intuitive mentoring session.

This channel will guide the practitioner to relevant pivotal moments in the life of the client, both in this lifetime and others.

The process also explores genetically programmed beliefs and conditioning, both of body and mind.


As well as energetic attachments. -These attachments can be internally created , externally created

and those we have unknowingly called into our energetic field over time .

The entire session is tuned completely to your personal comfort and belief levels.

Unlike some other modalities, we do not need to delve deeply into unpleasant or supressed issues,

unless that is in alignment with your highest potential and personal comfort level.

By working to identify and clear resistance around letting go of unaligned beliefs, programs and entity attachments, and then recalibrating any timeline connections that do not align with highest potential, we can create a platform for you open up to the full wonder filled scope of your human experience.

*intuitive mentoring is for informative and entertainment purposes and should not be used in place of medical care.


Clarity/Awakening/Interdimensional Dynamics/Alignment ,

Life path, Family/Abundance/Breaking Through blockages

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