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Everyone has a unique story to how they came to be in the present moment.

So why should our journey into awakening or healing be a set process?

Intuitive mentoring is a fully individualised life transformation tool.

We work together to empower you! 

Helping you gain the clarity and power, to masterfully create your reality to its highest potential.

We utilise;

-Our Spiritual higher self channel,

-Timeline recalibration,

-Reconnxtions therapy,

-And the unique and powerful awarenesses the practitioner has gained over her lifetime,

to create a present moment synergetic field for change.

This process allows us to easily clear and attune your channel of access to universal consciousness.

Giving you a level of self-awareness and connection to who you truly are that will allow you to transform your life

A session begins with an in-depth discussion of what you feel is holding you back or causing you issues.

We explore the cycles you feel repeat in your life, and how you feel your life could be improved.

We then take this information, and create an overview of what we will work on during the session.

From there we allow the intuitive information to flow, taking us to the people, places or dimension in the past, present or future that will help us understand the cycles. This give us an understanding of how to re create or re understand the lessons you were sent here to learn for the highest potential.

These sessions are a powerful yet gentle way to remove unhelpful beliefs, subconscious programs and negative human conditioning to clear a path for you to create a life you adore.


Private Intuitive mentoring

Seminars & Workshops


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