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Reconnxtions Therapy

The body talks/Holistic understanding/Create your reality Alignment/Physical release/Breathwork/Healing.

The human body talks, we just need to know how to listen.

Each muscle relates to an organ, and each organ relates to certain emotions and attitudes.

Reconnxtions therapy is an intuitively guided body reading.

Helping you understand what your spirit is trying to tell you through the patterns and reactions it is displaying through your body and mind.

Organ emotional attachments react to other organ emotional attachments

Our minds react to our organs, and also our energetic field.

All of these interactions react with our conscious and  unconscious belief systems and social conditioning.

Sounds complicated right?.....

I doesn't have to be!

Reconnxtions therapy allows your body to tell its story.

Unravelling the confusing and facilitating its story to be heard and acted upon.

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