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Intuitive Mentor, Muscular Skeletal Therapist,

Founder @ The Reconnective Path.

Leith is an intuitive channel and energy healer.


With a background in Kinesiology, Muscular Skeletal Therapy, NLP,

holographic healing and natural health, she has used this knowledge, and the psychic channel that she has had access to since birth to create a unique holistic healing process. 


Timeline recalibration, and Reconnxtions therapy, are the cornerstones of this work.


Combined, these processes help Leith bring those she works with into highest potential alignment. Guiding each client to create and nurture their own sovereign channel of intuitive awareness and clarity.

She describes her work as 

“An unbecoming of everything that is not truly you” 

An intuitively guided release of 3D beliefs, past life interference, social conditioning, genetic history and energy attachments, that results in an unblocking of the channel to your spirit and all its comic knowledge.

Leith Jensen, Intuitive Mentor

Real world 



Diana* came for a session for many reasons, but her main issue in life was relationships.

She is an attractive 20 something woman, with a stable career and loving parents.

But her love life was a constant cycle of emotionally abusive relationship after emotionally abusive relationship.

"They yell , I cry, we make up, repeat......I cant even stand up for myself, I just it gets worse and worse" she said in our first session

This pattern made her sad and anxious.

Using timeline recalibration, we were able to pin point the subconscious belief that was underlying the pattern.

The Monad took up back to when she was 3 years old.

She had spent the day painting, and was very excited to show her daddy the results of her effort.

When he came home she rushed to him, wet painting in hand, full of excitement and joy.

Unfortunately her father had had an extremely stressful day, and this usually loving man, growled at her to "get way from him with that" 

Little Diana was crushed, and ran to her room in tears to process the pain.


Her father was horrified at himself for hurting his little girls feelings, and immediately followed her into her room to apologise for his reaction. He dried her tears and pulled her onto his lap to admire her beautiful artwork.


This sounds like a happy ending right?

Except Diana's subconscious had locked this memory in as a blueprint for resolving conflict with men.


Her 3 yr old reasoning was still running her adult body. 

Once this belief was brought into present state awareness, Diana was able to clearly see how unhelpful it was. And we were able to recalibrate the understanding around it to create a more aligned and helpful belief.

A few months later, Diana felt like a different person. She had broken up with her last unsuitable partner, and was in the first healthy loving and equal relationship of her life.

"Those guys I used to fall for on sight just look like trouble to me now" she laughed.

*Names and and some details have been changed for privacy reasons 




I just want to tell you how awesome you are!

I'm quite overwhelmed with your gift and the session this afternoon.

I believe this first visit is the beginning of my daughters healing.

I believe you can assist her to find the strength to know it isn’t possible to be everyone else’s crutch without caring for her needs first.

I am a happy Mumma bear watching my daughter walk with her shoulders up straight and feeling better than she has in years


Angie Ross

"I just wanted to say I love you haha and am so grateful for you, you have helped me changed in so many ways and this week was even more evident of how I have changed in terms of how I let others treat me.

I used to be a hugggeee people pleaser for men I would put my needs last to make them happy ect and I haven’t been doing that it’s very empowering.


I have changed so much in the short time knowing you and I feel so happy."

Lucy Price


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