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Avoiding the present of the present.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This picture made me laugh.

But there is much truth behind the humour.

Mindfulness and gratitude in the present, are truly our greatest source of power.

Now for the other more difficult, often overlooked issues this picture brought up for me .....

(Now, I’m going to preface this next bit by saying, I believe in psychic phenomena and past lives. My experiences, awareness's, and abilities in this life have left me with no other option or explanation other than to believe. If this isn’t something you resonate with, I understand! And give you advanced notice that the rest of this post probably isn’t for you )

Being told what is in your future, can change that future. There are many possible timelines available in any given moment, and psychics can usually tune into the most likely option. But just the awareness of that option can be enough to steer us onto an altered path.

Here is a positive example of this phenomena (if only a fictional one) ........

When the oracle in the matrix tells Neo he is “not the one” she sets him free of expectation, and in doing so allows him to become “The one”.

A negative (again fictional) example of this......

A person is told they will meet the partner of their dreams in 6 months........ They go home after the reading full of positive energy and hope for the future.

So when their friend rings to ask them to a bbq that evening, they decline, warm in the knowledge that soon they will be with their perfect partner. Sadly by declining this simple invitation, they no longer meet a new friend, who in turn would have been the catalyst for their meeting of their future partner.

There are similar pitfalls to delving into past lives...... By simply becoming consciously reconnected with the past lives we visit in a “regression”, we can attach to, or activate old patterns and traumas.

That isn’t to say looking into the past is all bad, but doing it as a tourist activity has shown itself to be counterproductive to me.

Looking into the past with the intention to understand a current recurring cycle however, can bring new insight, and freedom from subconscious spiritual patterns.

But this work can only be done well, if the subject is mindful of their behaviour in the present. Mindfulness in the present allows us to see the cycles of behaviour needing to be addressed and healed.

I use all these tools in my healing work, and have seen so many positive outcomes.

But going back to the original point. Presence and mindfulness are the key. Without them future and past are simply stories we are telling ourselves, to avoid the reality of the now.

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